VPI Equipment

Imprex designs and builds custom Vacuum Pressure Impregnation equipment at our Milwaukee, WI, facility for installation anywhere in the world. Our high-quality VPI equipment is designed, built, and tested in our ASME certified shop, and then shipped to your location. After installation, an Imprex team-member will travel to your facility to provide training and support during system start-up.

Imprex can also refurbish, upgrade, and repair VPI equipment. Many options are available to bring older systems up-to-date, including adding programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to manual systems for automation.

Product Line

Made in the USA, all Imprex VPI systems are designed and manufactured to customer specifications, ranging from small floor-mounted systems to two-chamber OEM systems. Imprex customizes all systems to meet any need and budget.

Each VPI system manufactured by Imprex is fully assembled and tested before shipping out. The systems are then disassembled into the largest sized components practical for shipment and installation to minimize the start-up time at your facility.

View our VPI equipment product line.

VPI Spare Parts

Imprex VPI Systems’ Spare Parts Department has a comprehensive range of quality spare parts. We maintain complete documentation on all our vacuum pressure impregnation systems, so we are able to provide you exactly what you need to keep your VPI equipment operating efficiently. The spare parts and equipment meet all specifications and certification requirements.

Imprex also offers technical assistance to help identify part numbers and solve production problems. Learn more about the spare parts available from Imprex.