Product Line

All Imprex vacuum impregnation systems are designed and manufactured to customer specifications. Our products range from small floor-mounted systems (24” diameter x 30” deep, 30 gallon capacity) to a two-chamber OEM system (15’ diameter x 10’ deep with two reservoirs holding 7,000 and 5,000 gallons each). The advantage of a two-chamber unit is that while one chamber is being loaded/unloaded, the other chamber load is being impregnated. Imprex can customize all systems to meet any need and budget.

The Imprex 3-phase system is best for difficult-to-handle impregnation mediums and potting compounds, or as a multi-purpose prototype system for experimentation with small quantities of a variety of impregnating solutions.

Programmable control systems are designed for each VPI system with operator-friendly touch screens. Programming of processes is designed to meet customer specifications, and ensure repeatability and long resin life. Up to 80 adjustable set points are available and include vacuum level and time, pressure level and time, resin and part temperature, fill level, drain pressure, and any other important parameters for process control.

Each VPI system manufactured by Imprex is fully assembled and tested at our Milwaukee facility before shipment is made. The systems are then disassembled into the largest sized components practical for shipment and installation to minimize the start-up time at your facility.

Basic System Components

  • Vacuum + Pressure or Vacuum-Only Chamber Assembly
  • Vacuum Pump Assembly
  • Reservoir
  • Reservoir Cooling Assembly
  • Agitator
  • Resin Transfer Piping
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for Automation

Options for Vacuum Impregnation Systems

  • Chamber False Bottom
  • Chamber Load Plate
  • Chamber Liner
  • Chamber Rotor Shaft Extension
  • Filter for Transfer Line
  • Micron Vacuum Pump
  • Data Logging
  • Capacitance Metering Capability

Vacuum Impregnation Systems Product Examples

  • 24 x 30-PM
  • S-24 x 30 / 3-PHASE
  • S-48 x 60-EM
  • S-60 x 84-EA
  • S-120 x 96-EA
  • S-180 x 120-EA
  • S-24 x 36-HORZ
  • T-48 x 48 x 62-VA
  • S-60 x 72 x 43-VA