Service and Support

At Imprex, we are not only dedicated to providing you quality VPI systems or job shop casting impregnation service, but also committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

For VPI systems, an Imprex representative will oversee your system start-up and provide training in its operation. Our personnel include mechanical, electrical and production engineers, and certified ASME welders.

Quality assurance visits by an Imprex technician are available to:

  • tune up
  • maintain
  • trouble shoot
  • repair
  • evaluate
  • calibrate gauges
  • provide employee training

Please call to request a quote and arrange a visit.

We maintain complete documentation on all our VPI systems so we are able to provide you exactly what is needed to keep your unit operating efficiently. Whether you are looking for technical support to help identify part numbers or solve production problems, we are here to provide the support you need.

Our in-house VPI services provides quick turnaround with a dedicated system for rush orders. You are assured of the highest quality of service, testing, and documentation of impregnation.

With our onsite casting impregnation services, Imprex provides the fastest, most effective process for eliminating the inherent problems of porosity in castings and powdered (sintered) metal parts and electronic components.

Imprex delivers on its commitment to customers with superior support, service, workmanship and processes. Contact us today.