Powdered Metal Impregnation

Porosity voids are always present in powdered or sintered metal parts. This inherent structural porosity weakens the parts’ performance in pressure applications, resulting in leaks and plating problems.

The solution is to seal porosity through vacuum pressure impregnation. To permanently seal the porous powdered metal and sintered parts for pressure tightness, Imprex removes air from the porosity, fills the pores with sealant, removes excess sealant from the exterior of the part, and cures the part. This process ensures that any and all leak paths are sealed and eliminated.

Imprexing prevents the absorption of oils, plating fluids, cleaners, and acids. Afterward, parts are easily machined, eliminating chatter and extending tool life. Imprexing also increases pressure tightness for P/M parts, filling pores to prevent leakage of gasses, fuels, and hydraulic oils.

The impregnation process does not alter the exterior dimensions or the appearance of the part. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified process handles both rough and fully machined powdered metal impregnation. We offer quick turnaround. You can count on us for reliable service, testing, and documentation.

For vacuum impregnating and sealing porous powdered metal, contact Imprex today.