History of Imprex Impregnation

Imprex has been in business since 1958, providing consistent quality and service with Imprex impregnation systems and in our parts processing job shop.

T.W. (Tim) Juday purchased the company, originally known as Tincher Products Co., from Ideal Products Co. in 1958. He renamed the company Imprex, a stylized version of impregnation. For years, companies who send their castings and electrical components to be sealed have been sending them out to be “Imprexed.”

From a small shop with a few employees, Imprex has grown to a facility of more than 50,000 square feet and more than 55 employees, including engineers, certified welders, quality control managers, and shop workers.

Imprex USACompany president Bob Juday, a 40-year veteran of VPI sales and service, supervises Imprex operations.

“In 2021, Imprex was acquired by Godfrey & Wing. Headquartered in Aurora, OH, Godfrey & Wing is a global leader in vacuum impregnation services, equipment, and sealants.

Godfrey & Wing and Imprex have a long and rich history of collaboration dating back decades. In 2006, Godfrey & Wing acquired Imprex’s sealant division. Then in 2014 and 2018, Imprex purchased two vacuum impregnation systems from Godfrey & Wing. Combining the two companies delivers a depth of knowledge and capability unparalleled in the industry.

Imprex now operates as “Imprex: A Godfrey & Wing Company” with all team members and operations remaining in Milwaukee, WI.”

VPI Imprex Impregnation Systems

Imprex has conceived, built, and tested hundreds of Imprex impregnation systems, concepts, and sealant formulations. Our reputation for innovation, quality, and service helped the company grow from a regional operation to an international producer of quality impregnation equipment. Imprex installations can be found all over the world, including North America, Russia, and Asia.

Every Imprex VPI system is engineered in-house, and each system is built and tested in our Fabrication Shop. Vessel sizes range from 30-gallon to 15,000-gallon capacity. Large or small, each Imprex impregnation system is customized to meet our customers’ specific needs and budget. Prior to shipment, all equipment goes through extensive testing. Imprex technicians then go onsite to oversee installation and employee training.

VPI Parts Processing Center

In addition to the manufacturing of VPI systems, Imprex also offers onsite casting impregnation services for manufacturers who do not want to do their own impregnation. Our service shop provides the fastest, most effective process for eliminating the inherent problems of porosity in castings, powdered (sintered) metal parts, and electronic components.