Electronic Component Impregnation

Established as the leading provider of impregnation services, Imprex specializes in electronic component impregnation. Just as with porous castings, electronic components need to be protected from moisture, humidity, solvents, fluxes, and corrosive agents.

Today, electronic components are used in almost every industry, and many are required to withstand harsh environments. The Imprex impregnation process insulates and protects electronic parts to prevent device failure from moisture, corrosive materials, extreme temperatures, mechanical vibration, thermal cycling, and a variety of other hazards that threaten the quality and service life of your parts.

Imprex-e Electronic Component Sealing

Imprex impregnation services improve the performance of electronic components subjected to extreme environments. Our “Imprex-e” process seals leak paths against moisture in wire leads, protecting electronic connectors, wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, coils, sensors, solenoid valves, and more. By sealing from the inside out, we safeguard against the leaks that are prone to happen between metal leads or wires and the molded plastic.

The Imprex quality control program ensures reliability in all of our processes. According to customer requirements, we conduct extensive analysis, leak testing, and documentation. Supporting an array of industries, we meet the most demanding specifications and process requirements including Mil-STD-276A, GM9985734, General Dynamics 0-041350, Boeing Aircraft BAL 5500/5591, and others. To learn more about electronic component impregnation, contact Imprex today.