Casting Impregnation

Imprex is proud of our reputation for excellent results and great customer satisfaction. Our deep knowledge of the casting impregnation industry has been developed over decades by highly-experienced, long-term professionals. No one beats Imprex for high-quality results from our job shop. We are proud of our workmanship and it shows. When our customers need to seal porosity in metal castings, they say, “Imprex it.”

Why send your parts to the Imprex job shop in Milwaukee?

  • Our wide range of impregnation equipment can solve any impregnation job. No need to invest in equipment of your own; we have the right system for your job, ready to go. Custom requirements are no problem.
  • Quality is part of the job. Our quality team and quality processes ensure excellent results. When customers send parts to Imprex for metal casting impregnation, we take care of everything, and do it right the first time. Any issues are resolved quickly and professionally.
  • Our knowledgeable professionals have tons of experience. We know how to process tricky parts, and we take pride in being the best in the industry.
  • Great customer service, right away. At Imprex, our customer service response time is immediate. Our long-time employees know how to answer your questions and find solutions quickly.
  • Exceptional value. When parts are done right the first time, you avoid headaches, rework, and complaints from your customers.

How does casting impregnation work?

When parts are made of cast metal, micro or macro porosity voids are created in the process. Porosity is caused by numerous factors in the design, tooling, or pouring of cast metal parts. Whether these defects involve surface porosity, interior bubbles, or other types of incursions, porosity can negatively impact a part’s performance under operating conditions.

The solution is to seal porosity with impregnation. [] Since 1958, Imprex has led the industry in impregnation. We fill and seal metal parts with resin, which solidifies in the pores of the casting. Imprexing prevents leakage of fluids and gases, prevents plating defects, increases machinability, reduces scrap, and increases profits. Our services are capable of sealing any part to withstand hydrostatic, hydraulic, and pneumatic pressures, as well as vibration, heat and cold.

The impregnation process does not alter the exterior dimensions or the appearance of the casting. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified process handles both rough and fully machined casting impregnation. We have the capability to conduct extensive analysis and leak testing of impregnated parts, per customer requirements. We offer quick turnaround with a dedicated system for rush orders. You can count on us for reliable service, testing, and documentation.

For vacuum impregnating and sealing porous metal castings, contact Imprex today.