Imprex, a division of Godfrey & Wing, is a strategic partner for vacuum impregnation services and vacuum pressure equipment of castings, powdered metal parts, and electronic components.

Midwest values, worldwide reputation. The largest manufacturers in the world depend on Imprex’s quality and service to ensure the integrity of their products.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Systems

Imprex has been designing and fabricating custom Vacuum Pressure Impregnation equipment for installation since 1958. Made in the USA, we build VPI systems in our ASME certified Fabrication Shop, and ship them for installation all over the world.

VPI Spare Parts

The Spare Parts Department offers a comprehensive range of quality spare parts to keep your VPI equipment operating efficiently. To that end, our spare parts and equipment meet all specifications and certification requirements.

Spare Parts
Vacuum Impregnation Services

Our Job Shop offers quick turnaround for porosity sealing in metal castings, powdered and sintered metal parts, and electronic components. High-quality impregnation is the solution to eliminate porosity, and turn leakers into usable parts.

What Can Be Sealed?

Any metal castings that need to undergo drastic temperature changes, moisture, vibration, or hydrostatic, hydraulic, or pneumatic pressure can be impregnated. Vacuum impregnation can seal porosity in automotive parts, motors, generators, coil windings, transformers, pumps, electronic equipment, and more.

Metal Defects
What Causes Metal Casting Defects?

If small gas bubbles are trapped while a metal casting is still liquid, voids can form when the metal cools. These voids in the metal are called porosity, and cause leakage when the casting is pressure-tested. Imprex impregnation seals porosity and makes parts pressure-tight.