Industries Served by Imprex Vacuum Impregnation

For vacuum impregnation, many industries use Imprex to seal metal castings and electronic components. Imprex offers the solution to leak-proof parts whether a vacuum pressure impregnation system is custom-built to order, or parts are trucked in to Imprex’s Milwaukee job shop for impregnation. The vacuum impregnation process increases a part’s durability, surface quality, chemical resistance, and temperature stability.

In any industry where metal castings must withstand hydrostatic, hydraulic, or pneumatic pressures, Imprex provides vacuum impregnation services in our job shop, as well as custom VPI systems for worldwide applications.

Imprex also specializes in sealing powdered metal components and sintered metal parts for excellent machinability, plateability, and pressure tightness.

In addition, the Imprex process serves any industry where electronic components must be protected from moisture, humidity, solvents, fluxes, and corrosive agents.

Applications for impregnation include:

  • Automotive parts
  • Aviation equipment
  • Cruise ship equipment
  • Cylinder heads
  • Electrical components
  • Engine blocks
  • Medical / radiology equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Motor boats
  • Off-road equipment
  • Plastic molds
  • Pneumatic tool casings
  • Railway, truck brake parts
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Regulators
  • Transmission cases
  • Valves and manifolds
  • Water and fuel valves and pumps
  • Wind farm equipment

Whatever your industry, Imprex provides custom solutions to turn leakers into usable parts, whether with a VPI system for your location, or in our local job shop.

If you are interested in improving production with an Imprex VPI system or our in-house impregnation services, contact our team for more information.