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Imprex offers in-house Vacuum Pressure Impregnation services. With a variety of VPI systems at our production facilities, we offer quick turnaround with a dedicated system for rush orders. We offer high quality of service, testing, and documentation of impregnation. Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified for high quality and reliability.


Imprex Impregnation is the fastest, most effective process for eliminating the inherent problems of porosity in cast and powdered metal. Porosity can be caused by numerous factors in the design, tooling, or pouring of casting and forming of P/M parts. Impregnation prevents leakage of fluids and gases, prevents plating defects, increases machinability, reduces scrap, and increases profits. Impregnation does not alter the exterior dimensions and appearance of the part or component.


Imprex VPI systems eliminate porosity by internally sealing parts through various methods of application. The process varies slightly depending on the requirements of the parts or the sealant used. However, the basic steps include removing air from the pores, filling the pores with sealants, removing excess sealant from the exterior of the part, and curing the part.


  • Wet Vacuum Application: Wet vacuum impregnation performs best with powdered/sintered metal. Wet vacuum offers fast cycle times and easy operation.
  • Dry Vacuum-Pressure Application: Dry vacuum pressure application is recommended when sealing porosity is very small and sealing requirements are most stringent. The dry vacuum pressure application provides optimum sealing results for high-pressure requirement and is the required process for compliance with MIL-1-17563B.
  • Patented 3-Phase Impregnation (Wet and Dry Vacuum Cycles): This is best suited to a production environment utilizing a variety of difficult-to-handle impregnation mediums and potting compounds. A major advantage is resin storage and maintenance.
  • Imprex-e Electronic Component Sealing: Our Casting Impregnation Shop specializes in sealing electronic components. Just as with porous castings, electronic components need to be protected from moisture, humidity, solvents, fluxes, and corrosive agents. Imprex-e offers impregnation services for electronic connectors, wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, coils, sensors, solenoid valves, and more. The Imprex-e process seals leak paths between metal leads/wires and the molded plastic from the inside out.

In the Imprex Casting Impregnation Shop, each stage of the VPI process is monitored and documented. Quality and custom processes, such as basket size, part orientation, custom baskets, and dividers, are engineered prior to the product arriving at our loading dock. Once here, a travel tag with process specifications and requirements follows the product each step of the way – from the time it’s unloaded off the truck to shipment back to the customer. Customer requirements and specifications are noted and products can be traced back to identify the systems operator, process specifications, time in the shop, and leak testing documentation.

We test our resins weekly, compare batch numbers, and audit our equipment specifications. A complete history of a batch can be traced. We also keep training records of our employees, who are instructed to carry out and document procedures.