Imprex T-48 x 48 x 62-VA

This twin processing chamber system was designed to be integrated into a fully U.L. approved coil manufacturing machine line. ln meeting the demanding specifications of the Underwriters Laboratory, the impregnation system served as a key contributing factor. The impregnation fluid utilized was a slate filled, phenolic oil type 100% solventless varnish. During normal vacuum only impregnation cycles, each chamber is required to pull down to a minimum o{.020 mm (20 microns). This deep level of vacuum under actual production conditions attests to the sound design and fabrication practices that go into every Imprex system.



Chamber Dimensions: Each 48 " wide x 48 " long x 62 " deep
Reservoir Capacity: 900 gallons
Options Shown: Chamber low pressure capability, full automation, reservoir vacuum capability, agitation and cooling jacket, grating for pit installation.

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