Imprex S-24 X 36-HORZ

This horizontal-vacuum pressure autoclave assembly is presently being utilized by a U.S. Government Agency as a deep vacuum (.05 to .1 mm) 100 Psig encapsulation vessel with high temperature curing capability. The Agency is in the process of systematically replacing their older, bolt-up construction chambers with this more modern and inherently safer design.

This type of system seems to be best suited in experimental work requiring the use of chamber processing trays and a wide and varying assortment of resins or potting solutions. These solutions may be drawn from a sample 5-gallon container through a bulkhead transfer line assembly into a process tray inside the chamber.

As with all Imprex Systems, this system can be fitted with an assortment of options to best suit the specific needs of the customer.



Chamber Dimensions: 24" diameter x 36" deep
Options Shown: Deep micron vacuum pump, chamber heating jacket with LED temperature controls, quick opening lock ring construction, locking caster wheels.

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