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Imprex S-60 X 84-EA

This pit installed system was one of two identical units destined for Mexico. This system exemplifies the flexibility and sophistication that can be integrated into a basic machine yet retain a relatively simple and easy to use impregnation facility. The system was designed to enable utilization of any of the more sensitive epoxies. With only a few control changes, the unit can be modified to utilize any polyester resin or varnish. For the customer who is not sure of the impregnation mediums he may be utilizing at the time of purchase or in the future, this approach is certainly worth consideration.



Chamber Dimensions: 60" diameter x 84" deep
Reservoir Capacity: 1,150 gallons
Options Shown: Full automation, reservoir cooling jacket, reservoir agitator and pit grating. Reservoir also has vacuum/low pressure capability.

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