Imprex S-60 X 72 X 43-VA

This floor-mounted (vacuum only) system was installed in a Midwestern generator manufacturer's plant and provides them with a fully automated impregnation facility.

Because the varnish utilized has a solvent base, the electrical controls located on or near the machine had to be installed in accordance with all N.E.C. explosion-proof specifications. The chamber cover controls were also equipped with a failsafe fire link feature. To keep costs down and still furnish a fully automatic control system, the main electrical control console was located outside the explosive environment, but within a reasonable working distance.

As with all Imprex Impregnation Systems, it is our primary objective to furnish the finest systems possible, specially designed to suit the individual customer's applications at a competitive price.



Chamber Dimensions: 60" wide x 72" long x 43" deep
Reservoir Capacity: 800 gallons
Options Shown: Deep vacuum only chamber, vacuum reservoir, agitator, reservoir cooling jacket with pre-packaged chiller, transfer line "Y" strainer, explosion-proof electrical controls on system with remotely mounted NEMA 12 fully automatic controls.

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