Imprex S-24 x 30-PM

This floor-mounted system is one of the small systems we manufacture. Because of its initial low cost and flexibility, this model has become a very popular and practical system. These units are normally used by O.E.M. laboratories and manufacturers or repair facilities that require a system with full vacuum (typically .5 to 1 mm) and 100 psig service. High production is usually not a factor, or the parts to be impregnated are relatively small. As with all Imprex impregnation systems, the S-24 x 30-PM can be modified or fitted with a variety of options to best suit the individual customer's needs.



Chamber Dimensions: 24" diameter x 30" deep
Reservoir Capacity: 80 gallons
Options Shown: Chamber utilizes swing-up bolt construction (small diameter chambers only), atmospheric pressure reservoir, reservoir agitator, chamber sight and light ports and all manual control valves.

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