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Imprex S-180 x 120-EA

This O.E.M. System is one of the largest and most highly automated units in the world. The degree of sophistication utilized plus 24 hour per day monitoring of resin, air, vacuums, pressures and moisture contents is beyond the requirements of even the largest repair center. This system exemplifies the flexibility and capacity of Imprex to satisfy the most demanding needs of the industry in general and the individual customer as well.



Chamber Dimensions: 15' diameter x 10' deep
Reservoir “A” Capacity: 7,000 gallons
Reservoir “B” Capacity: 5,000 gallons
Options Shown: Full computer controlled automation including program med software, graphic instrumentation, twin reservoirs each reservoir with vacuum/ pressure capability, agitation and cooling jackets, chamber heating/cooling jacket (50 psig), the chamber has an integral flat bottom construction, also in-line regenerative air drier.

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