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Imprex S-120 X 96-EA

This pit installed V.P.I. System utilized by a leading Midwestern motor service center exemplifies an efficient system at a reasonable cost to include all of the structural options on the reservoir for full vacuum, cooling and agitator mount. The resin presently utilized does not require these special storage conditions so the service center could postpone the purchase of a chiller and agitator until such time as they are required.

This system also included a booster air compressor with a receiver tank and an in-line heatless automatically regenerated air drier to provide a -40ºF dew point air supply at 100 psig.


Chamber Dimensions: 10’ diameter x 8’ deep
Reservoir Capacity: 4,500 gallons
Options Shown: Full automation, vacuum / pressure recorder, reservoir cooling jacket with agitator mount and integral flat bottom in chamber.

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