Imprex S-24 X 30/3-PHASE

This new concept offers a high degree of flexibility over conventional two tank impregnation systems. This system is best suited to a production environment utilizing a variety of difficult-to-handle impregnation mediums and potting compounds, or as a multi-purpose prototype system for experimentation with small quantities of a variety of impregnating solutions. We at Imprex feel one of the major advantage of the three-phase concept is in the area of resin storage and/or maintenance. If the resin requires refrigeration, for example, you would merely remove the reservoir (resin bowl) from the system and store accordingly. Typical resin quantities required to operate this 24" diameter system are between 8 to 12 gallons. 12" Io 48" diameter systems are available in this or modified configurations.



Chamber Dimensions: 24" diameter x 30" deep
Options Shown: Deep micron vacuum pump, chamber heating jacket with LED vacuum and temperature controls, quick opening lock-ring construction.

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